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Children & Adults Orthodontics Treatment

Booking by Phone : +331 47 20 90 08
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Booking by Phone : +331 47 20 90 08
Book an appointment online

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All treatment started before the age of 16 is partially reimbursed by the social security system, and the amount reimbursed is used as a basis for the calculation of additional reimbursements from mutual insurance companies.

After the age of 16orthodontic treatment is no longer reimbursed by the social security system unless the treatment is ortho-surgical in nature (i.e. including surgery), in which case, half a year of treatment is reimbursed.

However, there are a few mutual insurance companies that pay for part of the treatment for patients over 16 years old.

We will give you a quotation so that you can send it to your insurance company before committing to treatment.


We cannot give you a quotation unless you have come for an appointment first. .A clinical examination and x-rays are necessary in order to establish your needs, assess the complexity of the treatment and work out the cost.