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Booking by Phone : +331 47 20 90 08
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Lingual orthodontic brackets are positioned on the inside of the teeth and are therefore totally invisible. .

They are blunt and therefore offer patients surprising comfort in addition to not affecting the speech.

We use various types of lingual brackets depending on the clinical situation: INCOGNITO brackets, Generation 7 brackets and self-ligating brackets from GAC.

Regardless of the type of lingual bracket used, they are made-to-measure for each patient and therefore allow us to be extremely precise.

Recommendations for lingual braces:

  • Do not eat sticky or crunchy foods.

  • Brush your teeth after each meal.

  • Speech can be altered slightly for 3 to 7 days, especially if you are tired.

  • If you experience tongue irritation (which is very rare) apply some orthodontic wax to the brackets which are irritating you. The wax can be left on during meals. If it is accidentally ingested, it poses no risk to your health.

  • Teeth can be sensitive when you chew for 3 days after the brackets are fitted. Take some paracetamol (e.g. brands such as Doliprane or Efferalgan) if you experience any pain, but take care to follow the instructions on the pack. If you are in any doubt, ask us or your pharmacist for advice.

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