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Booking by Phone : +331 47 20 90 08
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Transparent brackets are extremely discrete and are just as versatile as metal brackets.

For an even more discrete look, they can be combined with white wires.

However, the fine elastic bands that surround the brackets and fix the wire in place can turn yellow over time due to contact with food colourings.

It is therefore essential to brush your teeth after each meal(with a normal toothbrush as well as an interdental toothbrush) in order to keep the brace looking good in the long-term.

Furthermore, the white wires are metal alloys covered in a white coating. It is therefore necessary to limit micro-traumatisms – toothpicks, piercings, chicken bones, knocks with your fork etc. – so that this superficial layer is not chipped.

Recommendations for a brace with transparent brackets:

  • Do not eat sticky or crunchy foods.

  • Brush your teeth after each meal.

  • Teeth can be sensitive when you chew for 3 days after the brackets are fitted. Take some paracetamol (e.g. brands such as Doliprane or Efferalgan) if you experience any pain, but take care to follow the instructions on the pack. If you are in any doubt, ask us or your pharmacist for advice.

  • At the start of treatment minor irritation due to the brackets scratching the inside of the cheeks and lips can occur.Apply some orthodontic wax to the brackets which are irritating you. The wax can be left on during meals. If it is accidentally ingested, it poses no risk to your health. In general, the mucous membrane covering the cheeks and lips becomes more resistant and the wax is no longer necessary after two weeks.

  • Between the first and second visit, the orthodontic wires used to mobilise the teeth are very fine and can slip from one side to the other and irritate the cheek. You can use tweezers to pull on the wire and slide it back the other way so that it is in the right place. If you are in any doubt, just get in touch with us.

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